Motor Insurance

Motor insurance covers you if your car or motorbike is stolen or involved in an accident as well as protecting third parties if you cause damage to them, their vehicle and/or their property.

Your premium is based on how old you are, how long you’ve been driving, the type of car you drive, your claims history and motoring convictions. For example, if you have just passed your test or have had accidents or convictions in the last ten years you will pay more for your cover.

You can accumulate a no-claims discount each year that you haven’t a made claim which will be applied to your premium. After a number of claim free years you can protect this no-claim discount allowing you to retain your no-claims record even if you make a claim. This will normally be worth the additional cost as many claims are not the fault of the insured but still lose you your no-claims discount if you cannot prove the other party was at fault and claim back against that party in full.

We specialise in all types of motor insurance including young drivers and fleet plans. Please call us on 01635 35533 if you would like a quote.

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